What division is right for me?

I suck: This is the fun dvision, even if you've only been skimboarding for 5 minutes you can compete in this divsion. Tricks often seen in this division include the "let me try agiain", the "I meant to do that", and the "gimme one more try bro".

I'm good: This is for skimboarders that want to show off what they've got, but aren't ready for the top division. This division is good for skimboarders that have some experience, but don't skim on a weekly or even monthly basis. Tricks seen in this division include shuv-its, ollies, 360s on the sand, an occasional grab, and basic frontside and backside wave rides or sprays. 

I'm turning pro tomorrow: This division decides the Rio Grande Valley Skimboarding Champion. If you think you've got what it takes to beat out everyone in the valley this is the division for you. Tricks seen here include 3-shuvs, wraps, bigspins, grabs, 360 aerials, pop-shuv grabs, wave riding, possibly backflips depending on wave side, and maybe even a kickflip. 

If you are still unsure about your division show up to the contest slightly ahead of time and one of the judges can help you choose the right division. We have no problem switching someone's division prior to the contest. 

What are the prizes?

Prizes include skimboards, trophies, and bragging rights.

How does the contest work?

Each division will be split up into heats of 3-4 people. Each heat will last 5-7 minutes depending on the division. The person with the most points in their heat will move on to finals. 

Your runs are scored based on difficulty of the trick and whether the trick was landed successfully or not. Only your top 3 scores will count in determining the heat winner.